Lake Iseo

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Round and About
Lake Sebino...

There are many a reason to consider and different expectations to meet while you choose the place for your next holiday.

However, on the other hand, there are also many special places, small earth paradises, where the nature, the human history and their activities have produced an alchemy of extraordinary effect. A variety of landscapes, colours, architectures and shapes that do touch any kind of inner feeling, that do reach the souls and become part of the mute spectator. Lake Iseo is one of such places: it is an extraordinary natural environment that captures any person with its mix of art, nature, handicrafts and good cuisine.

Here, everything you might desire to get your perfect holiday is at your hand.

Lovere, just at a very few steps away, with its past and art; Montisola, with its fishermen and nets; Valle Camonica, with its ancient rock carvings, thermal baths and ski resorts; Bergamo and Brescia with their traditions and businesses, Clusone with its “Danza Macabra” (Dance of Death Triumphant); the Fantoni’s workshop and imposing Alps.

There is no way to summarize in few lines whatever surrounds Bossico and Hotel Albergo Al Milano. The atmosphere you can breathe is really unique, here where the ancient traditions are still alive and where people live their daily life profoundly connected to their milestone values. There is no space for stress nor pollution or frantic frenzy. If you look above you can see the blue sky that embraces homes and ways while the reflection of the sun in the blue waters of the lake keeps you company while you walk. Art, culture, nature, free time, good cuisine and the flavours of the lake … And in the evenings, when the marvellous calm of the lake is the only left over for the day, the lake looks like a magical mirror in which the surrounding mountains reflect themselves and the sun, at the sunset, gently throws its last rays softly colouring the surface.

This is Lake Iseo, This is Bossico,
This is our lovely little and rich land.