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Half way between the cities of Bergamo and Brescia, just about a very short drive away, the lake. Lake Iseo, or so called Lake Sebino, is the smallest of the alpine lakes, but it is one of the most fascinating and romantic due to the mutability of its lovely landscape. The green mountains and the majestic cliffs fall straight into the blue of its waters and the pristine nature take turns with small lively towns and villages.

Bossico lies in between these amazing scenarios. Bossico, a charming mountain village, is the ideal destination for anyone who is looking forward to relaxing with the help of its marvellous landscapes, the mild weather or the uncontaminated nature.

The origin of Bossico dates back a very ancient time and evidences can be found on some stones that show prehistoric engravings. It was a very important centre under the Romans domain and definitely also for the Republic of Venice, since Bossico provided for its best traders and religious men.

Nowadays people live their modern lives but without losing their profound connection to their ancient values and traditions: processions, religion, old agriculture and livestock rituals combined with commemorations and events that allow any silent spectator to breathe the atmosphere of that Bossico that once was.

Many the itineraries visitors can choose. Different mountains paths and ways through the forests, with pines surrounding you and going up till Colombina, the highest peak (1459 m.a.s.l.) You will find walking and cycling paths of all levels, though the most of them is of easy access and they are the right choice even for beginners or amateur walkers. Plus, most important, they all offer a spectacular view over the lake and surrounding mountains. The very same paths will also connect you to other villages and towns dislocated within the Val Camominca, Val Seriana and Val di Scalve valleys. Last but not least, the newest Nordic Walking Park – Altopiano di Bossico is definitely worth a visit.